Casa Di Corallo launches exhibition in partnership with stylist Cristina Cordeiro

Cristina Saulo Meneghetti São Paulo SP Casa Di Corallo

Next Monday (09), the Capital Paulista will gain another new artistic and cultural space, A Casa Di Corallo, which was conceived by actor and artist Saulo Meneghetti and his partner Jacqueline da Gama Hass. The artist, who is12 years old, sells his works,and in2003, at the age of 17, began working as a model, where he photographed for brands and fashion editorials of several international magazines,including Vogue and Stylist. During this time he also held his first exhibitions and vernissages as a visual artist.

The conceptapartment, which is located in a charming building of the República region,wasall restored by theduo, in order to preserve muchof the charm of the localarchitecture. It is worth rememberingthat the neighborhood, since the first half of the lastcentury, became known as "Centro Novo", at the same time that new urban guidelines were created in São Paulo, helping to shape an identity for the surroundings.

Casa Di Corallo was concebida as a way to honor artists from various segments, the partners also invited some fashion designers, with a more artistic footprint, to be part of the inauguration of the exhibition space, among them, the designer Cristina Cordeiro , whohas stood out for30 years in the Carioca sceneand will be the only designer who will be in town for cthe premiere of his pieces in thegallery. "For me,Fashion and Art walk together in mypieces, which areclothes aimed at people who have a freer style and who run away from anyfad . Inaddition, my creative style has everything to do with são Paulo: comfortable and timeless, so necessary for the current moment we experience",declares the stylist.

She willbring exclusive pieces to the show. "As the concept apartment suggests a curious environment, with young and unusual characteristics, I created pieces that follow the fluidity and rhythm of the city, with a wider silhouette, unique colors and with my personal touch", cristinaconfides.

Those who want to know a little more about this amazing place and the work of the stylist, can schedule a visit by phone (21) 98418 6669. Casa Di Corallo is located at Alameda Barão de Limeira, 14 - apartment 7, República, São Paulo.